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Abnormal Situation: Dude, Joey isn't normal. Joey/Lance.

Artist: JC is an artist, and Lance is not. Lance/JC.

Baby: Justin doesn't like being called the baby. JC/Justin.

Basez/Baisez: Wherein everyone speaks French and Chris is a believer. Lance/JC.

Because: Shorty has JC up against the wall. Chris/JC. NC-17.

Doesn’t: Lance doesn’t. (Takes place during the filming to On The Line.) Lance/Joey.

Does: Lance does. (Sequel to Doesn’t.) Lance/Joey.

Chance: JC is trying to write a song, but he can't find a rhyme. Shameless pandering to JC's writing abilities, love for the Keith Richard's hair, an ICON reference, and some JC/Justin.

Ex-Girlfriend: Justin's taste in women has changed. Angst, het, and a No Doubt song, but probably not the one you're thinking of. Justin/JC (some Britney/Justin).

From the Choirboy Hotel: JC is a singer. But we knew that already. Chris/JC.

Fucked: JC gets fucked, and yes there's a double meaning. Chris/Jc.

Hey, Pretty: JC is pretty. Justin likes pretty things. Justin/JC.

Kitten: JC is not a fuzzy kitten. No. JC/Chris.

Life Is Simple: A day in the life. Chris/JC.

Little Plastic Castle: Christina builds castles in the sky. Christina/Britney, Lance/Justin, Chris/JC, Joey/Kelly.

Radiant: Justin wants, and aches, and comes. JC is quiet. And there is also Chris. Angsty, sexual. In case you care, the soundtrack to this fic is Ani Difranco's cd Dilate. JC/Justin/Chris

Rhythm: Joey has rhythm. Justin has issues. Joey/Justin.

Selling: Lance is sick of selling himself. Lance/everyone, with some saving grace Chris/Lance.

Shouldn't Be Able: JC shouldn't be able to want Justin. Justin/JC. (Caution: underage boys.)

Smooth: Chris could get used to Joey shaving. If he really tried. Chris/Joey.

Too Bad: Some things don't work out the way they should. Joey/Justin.


New Brand-Name Black Sunglasses: All theses poses...makes any boy feel as pretty as princes. JC/Rufus Wainwright.

I Love Ya and Whatever: JC and Rufus take it back to the hotel. NC-17.

Next Time I Go Outside: Next time, they'll be looking at the same sky. JC/John Mayer.

Slave For You: Wade is a slave to the rhythm. Justin wants to dance up on him. Wade Robson/Justin. NC-17.

This Is How It Happens: You're not Justin and Justin's not you, and this is how it happens. Justin/Ryan Gosling.

Shiny Tops and Soda Pops: Aaron Carter stalks Michael Pitt, with the help of his fag-hag sidekick Jamie Lynn Spears. Crackfic, WIP. Affectionatly know as 'underage popstars + Mike Pitt = apocalypse?"
Explanatory Notes
Part 1: Wherein Aaron gets an idea and Jamie gets roped in for the ride.
Part 2: Wherein Aaron tries on leather pants and Jamie destroys his property.
Part 3 Wherein Britney loves porn stars and Aaron alters the plan.
Part 4: Wherein Aaron is pure evil and Jamie is too nice for her own damn good.
Part 5: Wherein Britney has the gaydar of a turnip.


Skin: Nick grew up attached to Brian at the skin. Nick/Brian.

Naked: "There's something kind of...naked about it." Chris/Justin.

Unperfect: He's too perfect to be imperfect, too perfect to be real. Lance/Justin.

Ink: ...Slowly, slowly over the new tattoo. AJ/Nick.

Star: The star was probably his favorite part. Chris/JC.

Candy: Justin's teeth bit into the necklace. Justin/Lance.

Florida Summer: He is a pure Florida summer, undistilled, just like when Justin was a kid. Justin/Nick.

Neon: Justin thinks later that what he loved about Britney was... Britney/Justin, Justin/Chris.

Andy's Chest: Frick. Frack. Beat. Pause. Beat. Nick/Brian.

Opera: "The point isn't Italy, the point is opera..." JC/Rufus Wainwright.

This Song's Useful: ...when you're really drunk. Rufus Wainwright/Teddy Thompson.

(Caution: Incest, Underage)

Afraid Of Myself: Nick is afraid of Aaron is afraid of Nick...

Cheap-Ass Carbon Copy: Nick doesn't like Aaron hanging around that fucking NSYNC kid.

Flinch: Aaron won't even flinch.

Good: If Aaron can't be pure, at least he can feel good.

Shine: Sometimes, the entire world shines. Warning: thoughts of suicide.

So Wrong: Nick and Aaron are so wrong and so beautiful. And ew, Brian. Nick/Aaron/Brian.

...That It's Right: AJ sees it, too. Sequel-ish to "So Wrong". Nick/Aaron/AJ.

Tattoo: Aaron gets his first tattoo.

Touch: Nick always touches Aaron first.

Cut: "I'm not going to stop." Snippet.

Necessary: "Its my birthday." Snippet.

Shark: Nick is not a shark. Snippet.

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