"Does it hurt?" AJ asked, leaning against the frame of the door.

Nick looked up, and his eyes were wide, like he'd been caught doing something wrong. "Sort of," he said finally. "Only as much as the other ones, I guess." The bandage was off, lying in a small white heap on the side of the bed, and he was drawing his fingers lightly up and down his arm, barely brushing against the flesh around his tattoo. It was still as red and raw as a new burn.

AJ sat down next to him on the bed and touched his finger's to Nick's, right on the edge of the tribal band. He heard Nick draw in a breath, but he didn't pull back. Instead, he used his other hand to move Nick's fingers gently away, as his own brushed lightly over the red surrounding flesh, then slowly, slowly over the new tattoo.

Nick sucked in a gasp, and AJ pressed slightly harder, spreading his fingers wider. He raised his eyes to Nick's, so he could see the look in the pale grey eyes, and when he was sure he leaned down ever so slowly to lick over the fresh ink.



Picture gacked from Brodes.