Rufus runs his hand over the curve of JC's hipbone, bare beneath the sheet pulled to his waist, and says, "I want to take you to the opera."

JC smiles and arches vaguely towards Rufus, still in the afterglow. His eyes are closed. "Yeah?"


"In Paris?"

"In Italy."

JC bites his lip, as if he's considering. "Would we ride a scooter?"

Silence. Then... "You are so weird." When JC laughs, Rufus smacks him on the ass. "Shut up! The point isn't Italy, the point is opera, you uncultured freak."

JC pouts as he reaches back to rub his ass. "Ow. Fine. What opera would we see?"

Rufus smirks at him. "Carmen? Thats MTV enough for you, right?"

JC's hand pauses on his ass, and he sits up, squinting at Rufus through his eyelashes. "Are you insulting me?"

Rufus laughs and kisses him, hands tangling in JC's mussed brown curls.



For Tavella.

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