JC could see Chris coming up behind him in the mirror, but that didn't stop him from drawing in a breath when Chris's fingers ran over the flesh of his back. He couldn't help it--Chris's hands were always cold, and JC always ran a little bit warmer than was probably normal. He burned food like firewood and ended up giving off insane heat.

Chris's fingers tickled a little bit at JC's ribs, but JC refused to play, turning back to the mirror with only a sigh of adknowledgement.

The star was probably his favorite part. If Johnny'd let him, he'd get eyeliner stars drawn all over his face. Or just some glitter. "Do you think they'd let me wear body glitter?"

Chris's chin hooked over JC's shoulder, so he could look at JC's face in the mirror. "Not a chance, man. Those new stylists are fucking bitches about anything queer."

"Its not queer," JC said primly, "its pretty."

Chris snorted, but didn't say anything more. He ran his fingers over JC's bicep, tracing the swirling lines of the tail. "This looks hot, man. You sure you don't want to get a real one?"

JC shuddered at the very thought. "Definately no. Even the paintbrushes they put this on with were too pointy for me."

"Pussy," Chris said, and then laughed into his ear. JC decided not to be offended, if only because Chris's fingers were still stroking his arm. it felt kind of soothing. "Still, though. Its hot."

"Not too queer?" JC asked, rolling his eyes.

Chris smiled, tucking his chin more firmly into the curve of JC's shoulder. "Nope. Just queer enough. And pretty." He kissed the side of JC's neck, then brushed a parting stroke over JC's spine as he left, lingering at the hollow of his back.

Thanks to Tavella for re-finding the pic for me.

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