This story perhaps requires a bit of explanation. First, before you read, know that this story will in all likelihood never be finished. I wrote in when I was still immersed in popstar love, which has unfortunately waned. I may write a few new parts now and then, but there’s no outline for this story, so I write it when I feel like it.

Second, I started this fic almost two years ago, so its set sometime in April 2003. That means Jamie is 12 and Aaron is 15. Be forewarned, they’re showbiz kids, and they’re also being written by a nineteen-year-old with a dirty mind. Jamie doesn’t get laid (at least I’m not planning on it), but Aaron has sex with quite a few people who are quite a bit older than him. They also both have dirty mouths, and talk about things some people think pre-teens shouldn’t. If you can’t handle that, don’t read, but keep in mind: its all for the purpose of the funny, people.

Third, this is complete, unapologetic crackfic. I’ve put in a lot of shit that’s probably only funny to me, in addition to writing about them stalking a fairly unknown actor who just happens to be my obsession. People liked it two years ago, but who knows if ya’ll care about it now, you know? But I still love my little sparkly creations.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to write this many notes. In fact, all I wanted to do was post the inspiration for this story, which was a throwaway comment from the fabulous monkeycrackmary on livejournal.

monkeycrackmary: Bet I love you more *grope*, she who slasheth the Michael Pitt and the underaged pop siblings. Though not together. Hey, there's an idea....

queenofhell: *plugs ears* No, no, no! Don't make me think such thoughts! Now I have this image in my head of tiny!gay!Aaron and fag-hag!best-friend!Jamie Lynn watching Hedwig and becoming obsessed with Mike, and seeing all his movies. And Aaron's all, "oh my god, I would kill to meet him." And Jamie Lynn's like, "Hey, that guy he was in Murder By Numbers with was a mouseketeer. I bet Britney could introduce us." So they end up meeting him at a party through Britney, but Mike's all a White Stripes fan and anti-pop and these shiny little kids scare the crap out of him, and Jamie Lynn's wearing glossy makeup and Aaron's wearing leather pants and they keep following him until he finally freaks out and is like, "Dude, Dawson's Creek was years ago, quit haunting me!" And this is in my head now. Ahhh! *stabs self in ear*

Onto the crackfic...