"Why are you wearing that?" Justin nudged Lance's shoulder with his foot.


"Get your feet away from my face," Lance said immediately; then, "Because I like it." He continued idly fingering the string of candy around his neck.


"It makes you look like a raver, Lance. And Lance, they don't even taste good. Lance,  why don't you wear Hershey's kisses on a necklace, Lance?"


"Stop saying my name or I'll throw you off the couch." Lance raised his head enough to see Justin's pout, then lowered it again, grinning. "Besides, they don't make kisses on a necklace."


"Sure they do," Justin said, a weird tone in his voice. Lance didn't have time to ask before Justin was up, across the couch and on top of him. Justin's teeth bit into the necklace and Lance gasped, feeling the burn of stubble and the barest scraping of teeth, along with soft soft lips.


“I thought candy necklaces don’t taste good,” Lance said breathlessly.


Justin grinned against his neck. “They don’t,” he said, and bit again, his tongue extending to lick crumbles of pink and blue candy from the hollow of Lance’s throat.


Thanks to Celeste for the pic.


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