Justin's head is bent over a book, and though he doesn't hear or see anyone coming, he knows someone's there when he feels fingers running across his scalp. When he shivers and looks up, Chris is standing in front of him with an awkward smile on his face. Justin's eyes meet his, and he looks away and then shrugs.

"I like your hair like this," he says. "There's something kind of...naked about it."

Justin laughs quietly, and rests his head against the back of the couch. "What do you mean?"

Chris shrugs again, and looks back at him. He leans over until one of his hands is planted beside Justin's head, and this time when his fingers run over Justin's scalp, the bare skin with hair pulled sharply into braids, it tingles, and Justin can't help but shiver, eyes fluttering closed.

He swallows once, hard, and opens his eyes. Chris's eyes, inches from his, are dark and wide, his gaze even, and he keeps his fingers resting firmly on Justin's head. His other hand just barely brushes Justin's ear. "Naked," Justin says evenly.

Chris nods, his smile more like a promise than a threat. "Naked," he agrees, and his fingers move slightly on Justin's scalp, making him gasp and shiver all over again.



Picture gacked from Jen.