"Hey man, don't be pushin' me. A young youth like yourself. You're kinda cute. I'm thinkin' 'bout askin' you out."
- Justin Timberlake to Aaron Carter at the 2001 VMAs

Heart-throb Aaron Carter had a big fight with his brother Nick, after the Backstreet Boy heard an 'N Sync song playing. The juvenile singer was playing a compilation CD in his bedroom when his boyband star elder sibling heard his rival's track. Aaron says, "If I was an 'N Sync fan he'd probably kill me. I had an 'N Sync CD once and he went and smashed it up! He walked into my room, saw it and was like, 'What's this?' I said, ''N Sync, but Michael Jackson's on it too.' And then he snapped it in half. I was really sad." (WENN)

* * *

Aaron wakes up with his face pressed into the pillow, with Nick’s fingers shoved roughly into his mouth, with Nick’s breath hot and harsh in his ear. “So you want that little fucker Timberlake? You want him more than you want me? You want him to take you out and fuck you and have it be the kind of dangerous that only breaks one or two laws?”

Aaron tries to speak, but Nick’s fingers just hook more firmly into his jaw. “Shut the fuck up.” Nick’s grip on him eases only a little, just so he can turn Aaron until he is looking down into Aaron’s face, straddling Aaron’s chest. His eyes are elemental, like fire and ice. “You told me you wanted me, and I told you that you didn’t know what the fuck you were talking about. You’re too young, and you’re too innocent, despite what you may think to the contrary, and you’re my brother. Certain kinds of morality may mean nothing to us just because our lives are the way they are, but I’m not gonna turn into one sick fuck just because you feel like getting laid at fourteen. I love you too much to fuck you like that.”

His other hand comes down to fist in Aaron’s hair, twisting it harshly at the roots. Aaron winces, and Nick hisses into his ear, “But just because I won’t take you doesn’t mean that you should go out and fuck the next cheap-ass carbon copy of me you can find. Justin fucking Timberlake. You’re too fucking good for that, Aaron. If you want cheap you can go fuck someone from O-Town.”

Aaron smiles a little around Nick’s fingers, and Nick softens. “I mean it, AC. You’re too young for that shit right now, and by the time you’re old enough, you might not want me anymore.” He chooses to ignore the words Aaron’s muffled mouth whispers; the way Aaron’s tongue darts out to lick hesitantly at the fingers in his mouth. “I’m not gonna treat you like a fucking kid, Aaron, but don’t forget that that’s what you are. You’re a little fucking kid, and I remember being your age. I wasn’t as fucked up as you, yet, but I wasn’t stupid enough to let fucking Timberlake pick me up, either.”

He jerks Aaron up by the hair until they’re nose to nose. “I catch you talking to that asshole again, you won’t be able to walk for a week, and not because you’ve been fucked too hard. You get me?” Aaron nods frantically, and when Nick searches his eyes and finds truth, he lets go. Aaron falls back against the pillow, gasping.

Nick leans down to kiss Aaron once, chastely, on the lips, and Aaron returns it, just as chastely, the only indication of abnormality his breath, still choppy and uneven. Nick climbs off of him and fixes the blankets around Aaron’s body, tucking him in.

Nick goes to leave and Aaron hesitantly calls out, “Nick?” His voice is a little hoarse.

Nick turns. “Yeah?”

“What about when I’m older?”

Nick sighs. Looks at the ground, his bare feet, his perfectly manicured nails. “We’ll talk about this again when you’re eighteen.”

“Fifteen,” Aaron says.


“Sixteen, and I never even listen to another NSYNC album again.”

Nick is silent for a long moment, and when he looks up, his eyes glitter. Whether it’s a threat or a promise, Aaron doesn’t know. “Done,” he says. “Now, g’night.” He leaves, and the already pitch-black room seems even darker without him.

Aaron runs a hand over his tingling scalp, then sucks two of those fingers into his mouth. His other hand slips into the front of his boxers, and he lies back and thinks only of Nick, Nick’s hands, Nick’s hot breath against his ear.



Thanks to Tavella for the WENN item.

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