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Boring: Mandy likes being the boring one. Mandy/other.

Delight: Britney has wings. But this time they're here to stay. Britney/Christina.

Glorious: Christina gives Britney a little career advice. Contains underage drinking, femslash, and Beyonce Knowles. Britney/Christina.

Little Plastic Castle: Christina builds castles in the sky. Based on an Ani Difranco song. Britney/Christina, Lance/Justin, Chris/JC, Joey/Kelly.

Love Interest: Britney gets a love interest. Britney/Zoe Saldana.

Need: Sometimes, Britney needs. Britney/Willa, Britney/Jessica, Britney/Mandy, Britney/Christina.

Post-Show: After the 2002 MTV Movie Awards, Kelly has some post-show jitters. Mandy/Kelly.

Pussycat Revue: Backstage at the Pussycat Revue. Pink/Christina.

Whole: All Mandy wants is to make her whole. Britney/Mandy.

Work in Progress: Jessica’s still working on it. Jessica/Mandy.


Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman: Britney and Christina hit a milestone in the life of every young woman, and then a few extras. Caution: youthful femslash crushes, etc. Some Britney/Christina (implied).

Training Bras: Britney grows out of her training bra. Sequel-ish to Not A Girl. Britney/Justin and Britney/Christina.

What's Going On: Takes place on the set of the "What's Going On" video. Pseudo-sequel to "Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman". Implied Britney/Christina

Britney, Mandy, and Jessica work at Madame Madonna's escort service. AU. Britney/Christina, Christina/Willa, eventually some other pairings.

Roles: Introductions.
Normal Day: A day in the life of Britney.
Money: Britney will do anything for money.


Pale Blue Eyes: Christina has bizarre eyes. Christina/Mandy.

Always: Jessica is always reassuringly the same. Britney/Jessica.

Cry: Her voice is hoarse, like she's been crying for hours. Dream, Ashley and Holly.

Reality TV: Kelly wants to make Mandy real. Mandy Moore/Kelly Osbourne.

Strings: Its bare skin and those three tiny strings of green fabric and then more skin. Mandy/Kelly.

Sugar and Spice and: everything else thats useless unless you're baking. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Britney.

Skin and Bones: ...she can feel each individual rib. Pink/Christina.

Constellations: Just a couple of shattered stars. Britney/Christina.

Crush: She knows its dumb to have a crush on someone who's just like her. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Faith Hill.

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