Ashley finds Holly on the floor of the bathroom two days after Melissa leaves them for good. She’s leaning against the bathtub with all that long curly hair hanging in her face, and when Ashley sits down next to her, she looks over. Her eyes are big and red and wet, and her lower lip looks swollen, like she’s been biting it.

“Hey,” she says. Her voice is hoarse, like she’s been crying for hours.

“Hey,” Ashley says. She puts her arm around Holly’s shoulders and pulls until the other girl collapses into the cradle of Ashley’s body. “Hey, fuck her. If she can’t deal with you being gay, fuck her.”

Holly just sighs and shakes her head.

“No, say it. Fuck her.”

Holly’s head slumps against Ashley’s neck for a moment, and she sighs. When she looks up again there are fresh tears at the corner of her eyes. “Fuck her.”

“Good girl.”

Holly sighs again, and Ashley puts her other arm around her in a fully hug. Holly hugs her back, and the next time she speaks, its into Ashley’s hair. “I thought she really liked me, Ash, God. Fuck her.”

Ashley doesn’t say anything in response. She just holds her.



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