Britney likes Jessica because she always tastes like wine coolers, even when she's not drinking. She always feels like soft velvet, even when her skin should be dry from tanning, and she always smells like citrus, even after she's just finished dancing, when she's slick with sweat, so much that her hair is dirty from it.

She always says no, even when she means yes.

This is what makes it worth it. This is why Britney always corners her in bathrooms at award shows, always shows up uninvited at her snazzy new place, always tracks her down despite how angry Jessica always pretends to be. This is why Britney risks it, even when there are photographers following her everywhere.

Because Jessica is always reassuringly the same, and her "no"s always turn into moaned "yes"es as Britney twists her fingers into velvet flesh and licks her way into Jessica's mouth, tasting fruit and bitter alcohol.



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