Skin and Bones

Pink can feel Christina's rib, and she wonders if that makes her some sort of pro-anorexia perv, because its really kind of sexy. Sexy to feel Christina's hard insides through her soft smooth outsides, like feeling the stainless steel of her nipple ring through the slightly scratchy fabric of the scarf she appears to be wearing as a shirt.

Pink squeezes a little with her fingers, and she can feel each individual rib.

Christina squeaks, and looks around for cameras before turning to face her. "What the hell are you doing, P?"

"Feeling your ribs."

Christina looks affectionately confused, and smiles before resting her hands on Pink's cheeks. "Baby... You really are drunk, aren't you?"

Pink grins and raises her own hand, wraps her fingers around Christina's wrist. She can feel bone beneath the soft brown skin, and she wants to kiss it, kiss that small hard protrusion. Instead she leans forward and kisses Christina's cheek, kisses skin instead of bone. Kisses Christina, which is the important thing, really.

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