1. Fucked


Britney goes to Willa when she feels like getting fucked.


Willa is a sweet girl, when she wants to be, but from her Britney doesn’t want sweet. In those moods, Britney wants the bad girl that Willa so often claims to be, and she’ll goad and taunt and act the bitch until Willa is hissing like a wounded cat. Perfectly willing to scratch back.


Willa will take her out to clubs, and dig her long nails into Britney’s thigh when she swallows down cosmopolitans and other “pussy drinks,” as Willa calls them. Willa takes her vodka straight, and her cigarettes are Marlboro, fuck the lights. Willa dances like she fucks, wild and crazy and violent.


After they’re done dancing, Willa will take Britney back to her place, lay her out on the kitchen table and go down on her until she’s screaming, her thighs trembling and her clit oversensitized. She’ll twist Britney’s nipples and swear at her, call her a little slut, a bitch, a fraud. Then she’ll bring Britney’s hand between her legs and get off the way that she wants to, with no regard as to whether Britney wants to come again or not.


Willa thinks that she’s the one in charge of these encounters, but she’s wrong. Sometimes Britney needs to be laid out on a table, fucked hard, called names. Sometimes she needs to be reminded that not everyone loves her.


2. Used


Britney goes to Jessica when she feels like using someone.


Jessica is a true sweetheart, just a real nice girl. Even when Britney makes fun of her, with backhanded compliments or veiled taunts or just stright-out insults, she won’t fight back. Instead, tears will come to her eyes, wet her eyelashes until they’re dark and spiky. Jessica is beautiful when she cries.


Moreover, Jessica doesn’t believe that anyone is actually mean. If someone says, “I love you,” to her, she’ll say it back with glowing eyes and heartfelt joy, because Jessica needs to be loved. She doesn’t get that just because someone says it, it doesn’t mean that they mean it.


Britney says it, though. She’ll show up at Jessica’s apartment sometimes and lean against the door, looking sad and stroking Jessica’s hair away from her face with gentle hands until Jessica lets her in.


Jessica kisses with her entire heart, and when Britney fucks her, the look on her face in a mixture of ethereal and so, so ashamed. Sometimes when she’s feeling mean, Britney will threaten to tell Jessica’s dad. Those times, Jessica will do whatever Britney wants her to do. Her desperation is so cute, so complete


Jessica’s pussy is shaved smooth and hairless because Britney wants it that way. She’d told Jessica to do it once, over the phone, and when she saw her again six months later, she’d been able to shove two fingers into Jessica under the table without having to search. She’d asked Jessica to do it on a whim, just to see if she would, but now she likes it. Without her hair, Jessica seems so smooth and soft and pliable beneath Britney’s fingers, utterly utterly hers.


Jessica really believes that Britney loves her, and sometimes Britney needs that. To be reminded that she has the power to make people love her, the power to do anything she wants, really. Anything she wants.


3. Rejected


Britney goes to Mandy when she feels like being rejected.


Mandy is an interesting girl. She’s so young, and it shows. She gets giggly easily, and her anti-drinking-and-smoking lectures are so childlike that it’s funny. But she’s an adult, too, in so many ways. When she walks through a party, she’s utterly elegant, utterly in control, sweet and charming and intelligent. She puts Britney to shame that way. Britney can do sweet, and she’s a smart girl, but no one ever believes that she can be both at one time. Mandy pulls it off, because she truly is both.


Britney likes to take her to dinner, and buy her jewelry, and basically woo her, like she’s a fucking boy or something. Mandy never gives in. She’s a virgin, and she’s staying that way until she meets a nice boy that her parents approve of. Sometimes she’ll let Britney kiss her, just a sweet brushing of lips, but she always sweetly says no and then shuts the door when Britney asks to come in.


Sometimes Britney needs to be reminded that she’s just a normal girl, even if she’s a superstar. She’s not irresistible. She’s not in control of everything. She’s just a person, and she needs to feel that that sometimes.


4. Loved


Britney goes to Christina when she feels like being loved.


With Christina, there is no pretense. They don’t go out to dinner, they don’t go to the club, they don’t date. Britney just shows up on Christina’s doorstep and is ushered in by her bodyguard to wherever Christina is, and Britney has to sit around and wait until Christina is done with whatever she’s doing. She doesn’t really mind it—she likes seeing Christina in her element, writing songs or talking to her manager on the phone or the multitude of other things she does—but sometimes it’s hard to wait. Hard to wait for Christina to put down the phone or the pencil or the book and look at her.


Christina always smiles at the sight of her, always comes over for a hug and a kiss. Sometimes they’ll talk, about their new singles or what the rest of the mice have been doing lately, and then Christina will take her to bed, stripping off her clothes piece by piece and kissing her all over.


Those times are sweet, gentle, nice. Christina’s hands are smooth and soft, her fingernails short, and the hair between her legs is dark brown and soft. She never says no, never hurts Britney, never asks to be hurt.


Usually, afterwards Christina will mention things she’s read in tabloids, about Britney and Willa or Jessica or Mandy. Not the real story, of course, just a mention of them spotted together at a club or backstage at someone’s concert. Christina always shakes her head and says, “You’re too good for that, Brit,” but she never condemns her for it, never acts sickened and never stops loving her.


Sometimes Britney needs to be reminded that she is loved. That someone cares what she’s doing, and not because of her fame or her looks or anything else. Sometimes Britney just needs to be, and that’s why she always goes back to Christina, even though Mandy is so sweet and Jessica is so willing and Willa makes her come harder than anything else ever has.


Sometimes, Britney needs to love someone back, and Christina is always there to be loved.



This was inspired by that pic of Jessica, where you can clearly see that she’s shaved. I’m not posting a link to it, it already disturbed me for life. But its out there.