Slash / Crossover / Incest: Slash and Het


Better Than Normal: Is it normal for best friends to have threesomes? Seth Green/Breckin Meyer/Ryan Phillipe.

Glitter: Party Monster RPS. Macaulay and Seth get drunk and reckless. Macaulay Culkin/Seth Green.

Motivation: So...does your character have to act gay in this movie? Murder By Numbers RPS. Ryan Gosling/Michael Pitt.

Stories For Grace: Some birthday RPS for my wife, all staring Michael Pitt: Mike/Ryan Gosling, Mike/Brad Renfro, and Mike/JT Leroy.

Vibe: Panic Room RPS. "The vibe you two are giving off is really fucking creepy." For Amatia. Slight Jodie Foster/Kristen Stewart. (Warning: underage.)

Crush: She knows its dumb to have a crush on someone who's just like her. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Faith Hill. Snippet.

Wound: "Does it bother you at all that people really like seeing us get hurt?" Elijah Wood/Daniel Radcliffe. Snippet.

Free Fruit Baskets or When Skinny Girls Fall In Love: "What can I say? I like free fruit baskets." Brittany Murphy/Sarah Michelle Gellar. Snippet.


This Is How It Happens: You're not Justin and Justin's not you, and this is how it happens. Justin Timberlake/Ryan Gosling.

Love Interest: Britney gets a love interest. Britney/Zoe Saldana.

Sugar and Spice and: everything else thats useless unless you're baking. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Britney. Snippet.

Shiny Tops and Soda Pops: Aaron Carter stalks Michael Pitt, with the help of his fag-hag sidekick Jamie Lynn Spears. Crackfic, WIP. Affectionaly know as 'underage popstars + Mike Pitt = apocalypse?"
Explanatory Notes
Part 1: Wherein Aaron gets an idea and Jamie gets roped in for the ride.
Part 2: Wherein Aaron tries on leather pants and Jamie destroys his property.
Part 3 Wherein Britney loves porn stars and Aaron alters the plan.
Part 4: Wherein Aaron is pure evil and Jamie is too nice for her own damn good.
Part 5: Wherein Britney has the gaydar of a turnip.


Blanket Friends: Hey, would you say, whatever...they're blanket friends. Macaulay Culkin/Kieran Culkin.

Twins: They look too much alike to get away with anything. Jake Gyllenhaal/Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Press Release: “It couldn’t last,” says Dunst, 22. “He’s a stay at home boy, I’m an out on the town girl.” Jake/Maggie implied.

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