She tells the papers that its over because she likes to go out at night, and he likes to stay home. (There's sort of a joke in that--home, familarity, family--but she doesn't mention that part.) She tells this to reporters because she can't tell them that its over because her boyfriend wants to fuck his sister.

Wants to, or has. She doesn't really know, never asked, and never wanted an answer, either. What she does know is she comes home one day and finds him watching Secretary on the couch, their couch, and the look on his face when she walks into the room is a fascinating blend of fear and guilt, like she'd walked in on him watching porn. Her first impulse is to study, to memorize that look, to use it later. Actor's memory, and that look on his face, contrasted with his sister's body nude on the television screen, stay in her mind for longer than she'd like.

After that, she thinks back to things earlier in their relationship. The easy familiarity he'd always had with her, like they'd known each other all their lives--what she'd taken for fate at the time. The way he'd curled his fingers in her hair when she cut it short, just like Maggie's. He always shut his eyes when they were making love, and when she wanted to fuck in an elevator, in a limo, on their kitchen table, he never wanted to, like the sex alone was exotic enough for him.

When she tells him to move out, he goes to stay with his sister. She doesn't mention that to the papers, either.



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