"Does it bother you at all," Elijah muses aloud, "that people really like seeing us get hurt?"

Dan chokes on a mouthful of Coke, so Elijah knows he's never thought of this before. When he can finally speak again, he says, "What?" incredulously, voice still raw and wet.

"You know. Not, like, us, exactly, but Frodo. Harry. People get off on seeing us hurt and stabbed and poisoned and our friends killed..." He trails off when he sees Dan's eyes, wide and confused and yes, appealingly hurt by all of this.

Elijah smiles a bit and puts his arm around Dan. "Never mind. I was just...thinking out loud. Don't worry about it."

Dan smiles back, eyes clear again, and goes back to watching the movie with only a small glance at Elijah, clearly an attempt to gauge his mental health. Elijah smiles convincingly at him, and settles back to watch, too.

Frodo is getting stabbed by the Ringwraith onscreen, and Elijah watches his own wide blue eyes contract in pain and terror.



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