Free Fruit Baskets or When Skinny Girls Fall In Love

"You're looking particularly sexy tonight."

Brittany didn't turn around. Instead, she smiled at the reflection in the mirror and smoothed her t-shirt down over her stomach. "Thanks. You too. I especially loved the red dress at the beginning. But why the panelling?"

Sarah shrugged, wrapping her arms around Brittany's waist. "My boobs kept falling out of it when I was dancing."

"And that would have been a shame." Brittany smiled at her reflection in the mirror, brushed off excess lipgloss delicately with her pinky finger, and turned to face Sarah. Sarah's arms were still around her waist, and she was smiling wickedly. "Uh-oh. What are you planning?"

"You know," Sarah said, "I don't have to be back onstage for awhile."

"An intriguing concept."

"So, you know...if you don't think Winona will get jealous..."

Brittany shrugged, nonchalantly. "No, no. Of course not. Eminem might kick your ass, but I think you could take him."

"Oh, definately," Sarah said. "No question."

"And if you're sure Freddie isn't gonna wander back here..."

"Freddie is currently engaged in some 'private time' with our dear Shaggy. He'll be preoccupied for a while." Sarah nuzzled her lightly. "So we got time."

"So, you wanna..." Brittany gestured to the couch with her shoulder.

"Yay! I knew you'd want to fool around." Sarah practically skipped over to the couch. "Just don't rip the outfit. The outfit is of utmost importance."

Brittany walked over to the couch sans skipping, sat down, and paused. "Wait, I think I'm insulted. How did you know I'd want to 'fool around'? Maybe I just want to talk, or, like, exchange career advice, or..."

Sarah stopped her with a kiss. "Because award shows get you hot, for some reason. Remember after the Oscars, you called me up for phone sex? And made me talk to you about when I won Best Kiss with Selma?"

"Oh. Right."

"And, your waiting for me in my dressing room, applying new lipgloss was kind of a give-away."

"What can I say? I like free fruit baskets." Sarah gave her a look, and Brittany smiled. "And you. I like you."


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