Shiny and New

24 January 2004. No new buttons or anything, but I realized that I hadn't updated in an age and ack, sudden guilt! Shame spiral etc. So just new fic. Please try to cope.

I had a bunch of stuff just kind of wasting away on my hard drive, little bits and bobs that I'd written for people and then never posted elsewhere, and then I remembered, oh right, I have a site. So there's a bunch of little bits and all sorts of pairings and it's all anarchy and madness I tell you. Fandoms include Smallville, RPS, Firefly, Beauty and the Beast, and of course, Harry Potter.


Wolves and Cloaks. Maybe Little Red Riding Hood invited it. Chloe/Lionel, set right after season two. Spun off an LJ post, which is why the first few sentences are not so fictive. Beware of dirty wrongness, or possibly look forward to it (hey, I'm not here to judge).
A Movie Script Ending. Passing through unconscious states, when I awoke, I was on the highway. For Ella, inspired by this. Dominic Monaghan/Elijah Wood.
Cherry Stems. Gratuitous Olsencest for Cassie, on the occasion of her birthday. That's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, in case you were unclear.
Shameless. Simon/Mal, and nakedness. Set immediately after Trash.
Lady's Maid. Belle/that hot French maid. Um.
Unfetished. Lumiere/Cogsworth. Embrace the wrongness.

And finally: BDSM: A Love Story update. Part Three: Domination. I actually posted this back in November, which is embarrassing, but I figure anyone who actually visits this site and would therefore care to follow it either reads my LJ or is on the list. If I'm incorrect in assuming, oops?

So, yeah. I also have this big popslash AU WiP that I was going to post but then, I didn't. Because you're not here for popslash, are you. Blah.

Until next time, kids. Which hopefully will be sometime reasonably soon.