Cherry Stems

It was common knowledge that the Olsen twins liked to go out. They had their regular haunt on Sunset, a coffee shop with plush couches and trance on the stereo that turned into an ironically retro swing club around eleven p.m. It was accepted that they never had their I.D.s checked. Mary-Kate and Ashley shouldn’t have been cool enough for that, but somewhere around age fifteen they’d moved from child stars with a clothing line at Wal-Mart to business moguls with far too much distance between themselves and age eighteen. They weren’t a safe crush yet but nobody cared; age is nothing but a number unless you get caught.

Ashley liked Cosmopolitans, Mary-Kate liked chocolate martinis. They both liked pop music and tight clothing. They preferred to dance in the back of the club, with each other usually, small hands on slim hips, blond curls blending as they pushed against each other.

The VIP room was tiny and dark as a closet, and never terribly full. The walls were lined with black velvet and the only light came from a red-shaded lamp in the corner. Mary-Kate would push Ashley in, or Ashley would drag in Mary-Kate (usually depending on who had more to drink), sometimes taking someone with them, or more than one someone. Sometimes they would come in alone, and the security guard would nod and leave and lock the door behind him. They would fall giggling onto the couch, and soon their hands would be sliding beneath Dolce & Gabbana tops and pushing up Prada skirts, tangling in long blond hair. Mary-Kate would carefully balance her drink so it wouldn’t spill, and then she would lick the chocolate syrup from the rim of the glass and throw back the last sip, so her lips would still be tingling when she pressed them to Ashley’s. Ashley would take the cherry from the bottom of the glass, pluck it from the stem and then kiss Mary-Kate’s lips maraschino red. Sometimes Ashley would push Mary-Kate against the wall, naked back pressed to dark velvet, and then lick her way up Mary-Kate’s thighs, beneath her skirt and between her legs.

It was common knowledge that the Olsen twins liked to hook up, but a significantly smaller number knew that they liked to hook up with each other.

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