If it's not marked NC-17, figure it's worksafe.
Don't judge a book by its cover, or a story by its pairing.
Don't take any of this as fact, because it isn't.
Trust me, I'm a professional.

fall out boy

Bloodsucking's Just Another Way To Say I Love You
How to succeed in vampirism without really trying.
A Little Less Sixteen Candles... AU
Pete/Patrick, nc-17, 15k

Scared of Girls (Stars: They're Just Like Us)
Pete has a crush, and a boyfriend.
Pete/Patrick, Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, 5k

The Last Christmas Eve Before We Die
Title may be misleading.
Pete/Patrick, 3k

panic! at the disco

That First Inconceivable Touch
Ryan never gets what he wants like this. It's just not how his life works.
Ryan/Brendon, nc-17, 26k

Crush (With Eyeliner)
Yeah, honestly, Jon Walker totally is that kind of guy. He just doesn't know it yet.
Ryan/Brendon/Spencer/Jon, nc-17, 32k

That Left A Mark
Alcohol initially serves as a stimulant, then induces feelings of
relaxation and reduced anxiety. Consumption of two or three drinks in an
hour can impair judgment, lower inhibitions, and induce mild euphoria.

Ryan/Brendon, nc-17, 13k

and set this cruise control for crash
We had to, Ryan says. For the band.
Ryan/Spencer, implied Ryan/Brendon, post-Brent, nc-17, 13k


Electricityscape, or: The Subtlety Is Always What Kills You
In which Patrick is likable. Maybe too much so.
Ryan/Patrick (Ryan/Pete, Pete/Patrick), 6k

Spin The Bottle
Two quarters and a heart down? Something like that.
Nick Wheeler (All-American Rejects)/most of Fall Out Boy, Nick/Tyson, 6k