A Damn Hard Thing: Britney's body is a damn hard thing. Deals with suicide.

Bruises: Britney is bruised. All lyrics from Hole's first album, Pretty on the Inside. Variations on the theme of Britney/Justin/JC.

Doppleganger: Underage popstar siblings have a conversation. Slight Aaron/Jamie Lynn.

Ex-Girlfriend: Justin's taste in women has changed. Angst, het, and a No Doubt song, but probably not the one you're thinking of. Britney/Justin, Britney/JC.

In Every Dream Home A Heartache: Britney is a blowup doll, in two parts. Britney/Justin.

Little Sister: Britney says no, no, no. Gen.

"Living Miracle: Britney used to be a miracle. Now she's just a faded shell. A winged!Britney story. Britney/Justin.

Pop Star: We're just fine doin' what we like, can we say the same for you? Gen: Justin/Britney.

Untouchable: Britney feels unreal. Fight Club inspired, and um. Very odd. Gen, but Britney/Justin.

Perfection: Jessica feels pursued by this word, this ideal. Gen, Jessica Simpson. Snippet.

Give: Britney's body always looks more welcoming than she truly is. Britney/Justin or gen. Snippet.

Neon: Justin thinks later that what he loved about Britney was... Britney/Justin, Justin/Chris. Snippet.

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