Wolves and Cloaks. Maybe Little Red Riding Hood invited it. Chloe/Lionel, set right after season two. Spun off an LJ post, which is why the first few sentences are not so fictive. Beware of dirty wrongness, or possibly look forward to it (hey, I'm not here to judge).

Context. Blowjobs on Jaguars and kisses in kitchens: these are a few of my favorite things. Popslash crossover. Lex/Justin Timberlake, with a little Lance/Clark and Clark/Lex. NC-17.

Lex/Clark, via Lana. Something Less. Lana can't look away.

Chloe knows. About A Girl. Chloe/Lana.

Roadside Distraction. Lana gets whammied by the Nicodemus flower. Chloe drives her home. The next day, Lana is a sex goddess. But what didnít we see?

Liberty. Clark, Chloe, and the pursuit of happiness.

Lana. Faith. Club Zero.Welcome To The Club. NC-17.

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