Real People Slash

A Movie Script Ending. Passing through unconscious states, when I awoke, I was on the highway. For Ella, inspired by this. Dominic Monaghan/Elijah Wood.

Cherry Stems. Gratuitous Olsencest for Cassie, on the occasion of her birthday. That's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, in case you were unclear.

Via Negativa is a Latin phrase meaning “the darkest path taken en route to enlightenment.” In this case, enlightenment happens in Las Vegas. Elijah Wood/Orlando Bloom.

Saturday. Domestic bliss on a Saturday morning, and yes, that is as sappy as it sounds. Dominic Monaghan/Elijah Wood.

Context. Popslash/SV crossover. Blowjobs on Jaguars and kisses in kitchens: these are a few of my favorite things. Lex/Justin Timberlake, with a little Lance/Clark and Clark/Lex. NC-17.

disclaimer: not real, didn't happen, I don't know them, don't sue me.

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