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A Well-Appointed Bedchamber, Late At Night. Because Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are so OTP it hurts, and Tom Stoppard is a genius, and meta, like pretention, will never go out of style.

You know how in The Very Brady Sequel Greg and Marcia have to share a room and they have all this sexual tension, and how you watched that and thought, hmm, that could be pretty interesting? No? Well, Chloe thought that, and it was her birthday, so I wrote her some Bradycest het, yep.

I had a real big crush on Firefly for awhile (still do, really) but I only managed to write one fic for it. That fic is called Threading. In which Simon remembers boundaries, and Mal and River hover on the edges of things.

Haha, I lied, there's one more Firefly fic. (You can't trust me, man. It's one untruth after another.) It's set immediately after the end of Trash. You know the one that ended with Mal bareass naked, and then he runs into everyone on the ship except for Simon, and I was all, where's my Simon/Mal at, huh? So I wrote it. And I called it Shameless, because I am. And so is Simon.

Of Clocks and Candles. Beauty and the Beast. This one is also Chloe's fault. But Lumiere and Cogsworth, yo. OTP, right?

You know what, I'm going to pretend I don't have enough Beauty and the Beast fic to justify an entire page. So here's Lady's Maid, an entirely gratuitous Belle/Colette snippet, Colette being the name I chose for the hot French maid who chases Lumiere because she's sublimating her attraction to Belle, shut up. That one's for Leta, who was all, "here's an icon, tra la!" Right. Her fault. Also there's Unfetished, a Lumiere/Cogsworth short fic thing. It's very wrong, and for that I apologize. And blame Chloe some more. (She's an enabler!)

Other fandoms