Why the hell don't you update more often?
Because I'm lazy. Well. Okay. See, whenever I update, I like to have at least two new fics to post. I don't write that often, so this may take time. Conversely, sometimes I'll get all prolific, and then I'll end up with four or five fics to post, and the coding begins to seem like this huge daunting task, and I avoid it. And since I started making buttons, I make it a point to make new ones for each update, and that takes time.

Also, I'm lazy.

What's this whole multi-fandom thing you have going on?
I get distracted easily, and I have trouble giving things up.

Walk me through it.
See, I started out reading/writing Buffy fanfic. This was about four years ago. I was fifteen, and writing Willow/Xander porn which will never, ever see the light of day. Then I got into Dawson's Creek, back at the end of the fourth season when it was Pacey and Joey and really, really good. I wrote a few fics and got a positive response. Then I got bored. I started watching Roswell, and spent a good amount of time scribbling down bad, stunningly OOC Michael/Maria smut in my notebook. Luckily, I never posted this to the 'net. The summer after Roswell's first season, I started hanging out at Fanforum. I met some cool people and wrote a few fics. A few turned into something like twenty, and by the time Roswell started to suck, I was way better than when I started and had gained some really great friends.

I moved on from Roswell, and spent a lot of time reading Harry Potter fanfic, but not writing it. Then I watched Smallville, and read an obscenely large amount of that. Around December, I wrote a few fics. The next month, I wrote a few Buffy/Spike fics. Then back to Smallville. At the same time, I was reading LoTR, and then LoTR RPS. Then I wrote a few LoTR RPS fics. That fandom began to irritate me, and I started reading N Sync fic. Then there was the Troika, and duh hello, canon slash. All over it. Wrote a few fics. At some point, I got back into HP slash, and then I started writing it, and now here we are.

So...where are you now?
I'm currently writing HP fic. I'll probably write more Smallville fic. I still have a few ideas for LoTR RPS, but don't count on any more from me there. Popslash keeps tempting me with all the sparkliness, so I wouldn't rule out any of that. And don't be surprised if I have another fandom in a few months.

As far as reading goes, I'm mostly reading HP, SV, popslash, BtVS, Angel. I am a total rare slash whore, though, so honestly if I have at least a vague context for the characters I'll read it.

So you're never going to write a sequel to (insert fic name here)?
No, probably not.

But it was left so open-ended.
No, it wasn't.

You used to write het. Are you just a slasher now?
Yeah, pretty much. I wouldn't rule out writing het in the future, though, so I guess I'm just waiting for a het couple to come along that I find remotely interesting.

How do you feel about feedback?
I adore it, and I respond to it. Long, well thought-out reviews, one liners, whatever. I covet it.

What if I want to rec one of your fics?
Please do so, and it would be really nice if you could let me know.

How about archiving?
Ask. I won't say no, but I would like to know where my stuff is going.

Is there any way to get your fics before they're archived here?
All new stuff is posted to my livejournal. I also have an update list, because vanity is good for you, um.

Hey, do you mind if I lurk at your LJ?
Go right ahead. It's public for a reason.

I have an LJ, too. Would you mind if I friended you?
Not at all.

Um, I'm at this page because I know you in real life. What the hell, yo?
I'm sorry, Sara can't come to the phone right now. At the beep, please hit the little box in the upper right corner with the x in it, and promptly forget that you ever saw this page.

Hey, wait a second.