Harry Potter

All Harry/Draco, unless otherwise stated. (OTP, y'all.)

BDSM: A Love Story. The Porn Epic. In which Harry and Draco have a lot of sex and a lot of issues, but not necessarily in that order. NC-17. Work in progress.

Just A Little Bit More. Draco Malfoy, after the Quidditch fight in Order of the Phoenix. If there's no sex in your violence, then you're obviously doing it wrong. NC-17, with a warning for themes some of you more sensitive folk might find disturbing.

Darken Many Virtues. It was a relationship based on very simple principles. And by principles I mean porn. NC-17.

Take It and Like It. Sweet dreams are made of this. Except that sometimes, they're not. Rachel wanted porn for Christmas, and she got it. NC-17.

Control. AKA FightClub!H/D. AKA the one with the violence and the porn and not much else. NC-17.

Stockholm Syndrome. The Cage

Undenied. The games boys play. NC-17.

A potion is botched, jokes are made, and Harry has an unexpected fetish. The One With The Horns.

apples. Draco muses.

Idle Flights of Fantasy. At first he tried to pass them off as the results of a twisted subconscious, but eventually he realized that itís not technically dreaming if youíre not asleep.

Muse: To think closely; to study in silence; to meditate.

Peractio: completion. finishing. end.

Cigarettes and civility. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.

In times of war, hope remains. Refuge. Seamus/Dean.

Practice. Hermione. Ginny. The first kiss.

Lessons. Ron tries. Ron/Oliver.

Crushed. Marcus and Oliver, and it's easy to forget they're teenagers, isn't it?

Future Tense. This is how you imagine the future. Marcus/Oliver.

Game. Marcus/Oliver. This is where it starts.

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